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 ====== Security ====== ====== Security ======
 +Melanobot allows to make some [[melanobot:​configuration:​handlers|handlers]] be available only to certain users, with different level of access that can be set in the bot configuration.
 +Users and groups are defined at a connection level, this page focuses mostly on security regarding [[melanobot:​modules:​irc|IRC connections]].
 ===== Users ===== ===== Users =====
 +==== Configuration ====
 +**users** defines a list of known users to be automatically recognized as part of some groups.
 +Each key specifies which method is used to recognize the user:
 +  * A normal nickname indicates that the user is recognized just by their nick
 +  * A name starting with an @ indicates that they will be recognized by their host
 +  * A name starting with a ! indicates that they will be recognized by their logged in name
 +The value defines which groups the user belongs to.
 +=== Example ===
 +        users
 +        {
 +            !BotAdmin ​   "owner rainbow"​
 +   "​admin"​
 +            troll        "​banned"​
 +        }
 +In the example above, a user authed as **BotAdmin** will be in two groups: **owner** and **rainbow**. They can change their nick or connect from a different host while keeping their privileges.
 +Then all users with **** as their host name (whether via a bouncer or as a cloak) are in the group **admin**. They can have any nickname and keep their privileges, in particular there can be multiple users matching the hostname.
 +Finally users with the name **troll** are recognized by nickname and put in the group **banned**.
 +Note: This system currently doesn'​t support wildcards or combining nick and host.
 +==== Recognizing Authed Users ====
 ===== Groups ===== ===== Groups =====
 +==== Configuration ====
 ==== Privileged Groups ==== ==== Privileged Groups ====
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