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Melanobot allows to make some handlers be available only to certain users, with different level of access that can be set in the bot configuration.

Users and groups are defined at a connection level, this page focuses mostly on security regarding IRC connections.



users defines a list of known users to be automatically recognized as part of some groups.

Each key specifies which method is used to recognize the user:

  • A normal nickname indicates that the user is recognized just by their nick
  • A name starting with an @ indicates that they will be recognized by their host
  • A name starting with a ! indicates that they will be recognized by their logged in name

The value defines which groups the user belongs to.


            !BotAdmin    "owner rainbow"
            troll        "banned"

In the example above, a user authed as BotAdmin will be in two groups: owner and rainbow. They can change their nick or connect from a different host while keeping their privileges.

Then all users with as their host name (whether via a bouncer or as a cloak) are in the group admin. They can have any nickname and keep their privileges, in particular there can be multiple users matching the hostname.

Finally users with the name troll are recognized by nickname and put in the group banned.

Note: This system currently doesn't support wildcards or combining nick and host.

Recognizing Authed Users



Privileged Groups

Editing Groups


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