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Melanobot is a free and open source, flexible bot with a ton of features.

It supports receiving commands from IRC, Xonotic and POSIX pipes. It can integrate these services and stream chat and commands between them.

It's modular and extensible via Python scripts and user-defined modules.

It provides features to administrate and organize the bot behaviour with an extensible user privilege management.

Other features include interfaces to several Web-based APIs and other fun stuff.

Most notable features:

  • IRC – chat, commands and events
  • Xonotic – chat, commands and events
  • Standard input – commands
  • Multiple bots and connection
  • Automatic flood protection
  • File-based storage to keep track of runtime changes
  • A variety of miscellaneous fun commands
  • Simple interfaces to many web services and APIs
  • GitHub – events
  • List management
  • Python scripting
  • Scheduled events and notifications
  • Highly modular and customizable
  • Flexible and robust authorization system
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