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Modules can provide:

  • Asinchronous services, which can be used by other module to get some kind of extra data
  • Connections, which can be used to send and receive messages
  • Handlers, which attach a behaviour to matching messages
  • Log types, these should only be used within the module but they can be configured to change their verbosity
  • String formatters, if it provides some protocol supporting formatted strings

List of modules

Here is provided a list of modules and an overview of what they offer

  • Core – Core handlers
    • Provides: Handlers, Log Type
  • Fun – Silly stuff
    • Provides: Handlers, (Formatter)
  • IRCIRC connection utilities
    • Provides: Connection, Handlers, Formatter, Log Type
  • POSIX – POSIX extensions
    • Provides: Connection, Log Type
  • Web – Web client utilities
    • Provides: Service, Handlers, Log Type
  • Xonotic – Xonotic integration
    • Provides: Connection, Handlers, Formatter, Log Type
  • Script – Scripting interface
    • Provides: Handlers, Log Type
  • File Storage – Storage with a text file back end
    • Provides: Service
  • Lists – Manage Lists
    • Provides: Handlers
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